Bonus Classes at AWS

Bonus Classes are included with your paid tuition. Attend as many as you like as long as you are a student in good standing.  Although they may change from month to month, here is a listing of our most popular Bonus Classes. We normally have between 3-5 classes on any given week.


Meisner repetition class. Work on your acting muscles doing raw moment repetitions. A good review and opportunity to tune up, clean, and tighten your technique. Helps in being in the present moment and living in the truth.


Bare Naked Angels is a class in self-discovery. Through writing, discussion and group exercises, the student will learn to understand themself and others in an entirely new way. As part of the process each student will write their own personal story.  Through this progression the students become bolder, more fearless actors. This is for all actors; don’t be intimated by the writing process. The method in this class is unique, and it compliments all acting techniques. Selected pieces that go through the process are invited to participate in a full staged production. There is nothing like this anywhere.




Have your work heard in a safe, nurturing space. Work on your play, screenplay, monologue or short story and get constructive criticism and feedback from other writers. All members are welcome, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned writer. The writers workshop also works on writing projects that are produced on stage in full productions,  as well as play readings and experimental productions at AWS.


Tap into your "kid" energy and learn to get out of your head and into the moment in this fun comedy improv class taught by veteran performer and long-time member of the S...CAP Comedy Improv Troupe. A great way to loosen your instrument and get free. Helps with commercial auditions also.


An invaluable, powerful tool to help you prepare for auditions. Explore different ways to
approach a script and watch how it improves your performance. Strengthen getting the
words off the page and making them your own.
Improves memorization skills as well. We
provide short scripts. If you have a 2-page scene or
audition you want to work on, bring in 2 copies.


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