AWS is much more than just taking an acting class.
It is a community of professionals where we provide opportunities for training, personal coaching, performing, and networking.

In addition to your small, intimate, acting class with personalized coaching for your specific needs, included are a number of additional workshops that meet each week.

You now have the opportunity to attend up to FOUR WORKSHOPS EACH WEEK. All at one monthly tuition.

Home Class
Your weekly small intimate acting class – personalized coaching and class with assignments that require preparation and hard work. Working on your specific needs through the AWS technique, which includes the teachings of Meisner, Strasberg, Hagen, and Adler.

Open Workouts
A weekly repetition class where you get to work with the other coaches and other members of AWS in an intense repetition class.

Accent Workshop - Limited time
A semi-weekly workout with Rickie Peete and fellow classmates for developing your dialects and accents. Actors will develop their accents with a foundation of knowledge related to the country of origin and its culture. You will learn about your chosen accent, while also teaching the other actors in class what the accent should sound like.

Pro Actors Lab
A weekly workout for scenes and audition material. Exercises to get the script off the page and into your body. Rehearse your auditions, practice cold reading, work on camera or enhance your improv skills. Inspired by Michael Masini, accomplished actor and alumni member of AWS.

Writers Group
Writers and actors get together to develop, create, and workshop material, in anticipation of produced productions on our stage.

Voice Class - Limited time
Monica Schober, a dramatic operatic soprano, offers a semi-weekly introductory class that explores Vocal Tone and Flexibility for access to a wider range of acting choices.

Adult Acting Classes in Los Angeles

Beginners Course

Instructor: Fran Montano

The basics. Exercises. Character preparation. Learning the craft from the ground up, focusing on Meisner Technique. Learning to open up, express yourself, and find the true artist inside. Scene Study and improvisation. A wonderful class for those new to acting, or those that are new to the Meisner Technique. Through basic exercises, we unleash your creative talent and discover your artistic side. The work is focused on opening up feelings, full expression, and getting in touch with your passion.

On-Camera Study

Instructor: Fran Montano

This class also provides individualized coaching with Fran, but on film! Study the techniques of on-camera acting and learn how to nail your taped auditions by not only addressing the genre, acting and text-related challenges related to the scene, but also by providing camera-related instruction in framing, blocking and eye lines.

You will receive assigned material hand-tailored to you a couple days before class. You audition on tape during class. You work the scene once on camera, work with Fran to adjust your performance, and then put the coached version on tape as well.

Intermediate / Advanced Acting

Instructors: Fran Montano, Irene Muzzy

Troubleshooting for actors with a strong emphasis on Dramatic Improvisation.
Actors who have experience and a solid background of training. Class exercises
focus on the actor's instrument: the body and the emotions.

What's blocking you? What's in the way of you being fully present and consistent
in your work? Individualized training gets you to peak expression. Cold reading.
Dramatic Improvisation. Students are pushed and expected to commit to finding
their own "truth" within the work.

Master Class - Scene Study

Instructor: Fran Montano, Irene Muzzy

A more rigorous version of the advanced classes for working professionals,
with a strong emphasis on scene study. You will receive assigned material
hand-tailored to you a couple days before class.
Performance "scene nights" are available for interested students who want
o invite friends and industry guests.

LA Acting Classes are ongoing and meet once a week. An interview and audit are required.

In the audit, the actor will participate in class exercises and may be given a cold reading. "That gives us a chance to work together and check each other out. 
Finding the right acting coach is crucial," Fran says, "It is important to find someone whose 'voice' speaks to you. I'm not for everyone and I respect that."

To schedule an interview and your free audit, or for a current class schedule, please call the Studio at (818) 766-2171.

Classes are billed monthly, payable in advance on the first class of each month. For current rates, please contact the Studio at (818) 766-2171.