See what our students are saying about their home base for Los Angeles acting classes.

I shy away from conventional acting classes. But once in a while you meet someone who inspires you. Fran does!
— Rene Russo

I have studied with Fran for over 7 years. Though I have studied with several other studios in that time, I have always returned to Fran as I have found his approach to be the most effective. Fran teaches a simple yet powerful method that brings preparation to life in auditions and on set.
— Jim Pacitti / Criminal Minds, Days of Our Lives, Castle, The Young and the Restless

What Fran teaches is invaluable. Every time I book a job, I thank him because without his teachings, I don’t think I would be booking at all.
— Damien Midkiff / ER, Gilmore Girls, The Guardian

Fran Montano inspires. He knows exactly what buttons to push to take his actors to their next level. I’m a better and more confident actor today because of what I’ve learned from him.
— Sammy Williams / Tony Award Winner for Best Actor, A Chorus Line

Fran is awesome! I learned how to live fully in the imaginary circumstances of the script and treat the story as an improvisation. I booked more than ever the past two years applying many of the principals learned through Fran.
— Michael Masini / Modern Family (recurring), Reckless, Americons, Eagleheart

Fran’s method of teaching dramatic improvisation through the Meisner technique is so good that I credit him with teaching me how to write, as well as making me a stronger actor.
— Kevin Foster / Iron Man, Jarhead, Jurassic World, Drag Me To Hell

Fran’s insight to acting is astounding. He’s great at guiding actors into exploring their deepest and richest choices...
— David Arata / Oscar-Nominated Writer, Children of Men

I love The Actors Workout Studio. Both Fran and Irene are intuitive, supportive and deeply care about the growth and success of each student. The intimate environment and individual attention are unique. The work is personal, challenging and fun for any level of actor.
— Dagney Kerr / Desperate Housewives, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, George Lopez Show

Fran is completely in tune with what’s going on for the actor and where he thinks the “learning” can take place. His use of his class time is extremely personal and he devotes his time and honest energy to you completely.
— Jessica Randle / Charmed, 7th Heaven

Shortly after I began taking Fran’s classes, I started booking or getting callbacks on pretty much all of my auditions
— Homie Doroodian / Sopranos, NCIS, The District, Boston Public, JAG, American Family

If you want to get coddled and have your ego inflated - because you paid tuition - then this is NOT the studio for you. Fran Montano is direct, challenging and pushes you to be your best self. If your goal is to improve and expand your range as a performer, then come in and get ready to work with a real teacher, not a cheerleader.
— Shawn Davis / Actor, Writer from Brooklyn, NY

Fran has a way of speaking to the heart through the head. He takes his time with the person we have become, challenging the actor we seek to be. This has been a priceless experience that happened much later than it should have!
— Sarah Kalb / Actress, Writer

Fran’s classes are revealing of our most precious instruments: our bodies and the behaviors associated within our inner selves.
— Steven Patrusky / Actor

Fran is one of the most unique instructors working in Los Angeles. He possesses the experience, passion and emotional insight to coach an actor to their full potential. But Fran is more than just an acting coach. He provides key insight to the human condition that serves the actor not only as a professional, but as a person. He cares deeply for his students and their over-all condition, in addition to their work on-stage or in front of the camera. Fran’s class will not only give you a better understanding of acting, but it will also give you a better life.
— Mick Montgomery/ Actor, Director,Writer, Producer, Frost Nixon, Yes Man, NoHo Show

Fran Montano changed my life. I have worked in the entertainment industry for nearly 15 years, but it wasn’t until I met Fran that I learned how to really connect. His insight and compassion taught me new ways to express myself and tell stories. I owe him for getting me out of the corner.
— Stephanie Storey / Actress, Writer

It was an amazing experience: a journey towards yourself. Fran was able to create an atmosphere where you felt comfortable with yourself and your feelings. You were comfortable with being “naked” in front of the audience. Fran focuses on everyone in the class and you have a feeling that he is only working with you. With this personal approach, you grow fast, you reveal yourself and you trust yourself, which is very important for an actor. At Fran’s classes I’ve learned to be myself in any situation. I can speak to my feelings and live in the now – in the moment. The class allowed me to find who I am and what I can do with it. I was a student from Siberia.
— Natasha Vyazovikova / Actress

My experience with Fran has been exceptional! He is an outstanding teacher dedicated to helping his actors find a way to tap into their full potential. He is committed to helping you get out of your head, out of your way and telling the truth in the moment. The techniques and exercises he prepares for class are always meaningful, useful and positive. He is one of the few teachers that I am aware of that films his students’ performances in class to further help us improve our performances. That in itself is such a great tool that allows us to continue to better ourselves as actors. I would highly recommend Fran Montano to any actor that is seeking an outstanding learning experience.
— William Paden / Actor

As a dedicated student of scene study for 3 or 4 years, I was still not booking as often as I knew I should. I tried a different approach with Fran’s version of the Meisner Technique and I learned to stop “acting” and just live truthfully, moment-to-moment within a scene. I soon booked a lead on a television series.
— Christa Sauls / Acapulco Heat (Series Regular), Beverly Hills 90210 (Recurring)

Fran finds what’s in an actor’s way and breaks through it. A must for any serious actor.
— Lynda Goodfriend / Personal Manager