Mark Your Calendars! "An Evening of Play Readings" is back October 14th!

“An Evening of Play Readings” is back at AWS – now as a monthly event! Due to the tremendous turnout and general enjoyment of our last Evening of Play Readings, we once again turned to the top-notch team of writers of First Stage for material, as well as to writers from our very own Actors Workout Studio Writers’ Workshop. We were not disappointed! All the writers provided us with hilariously entertaining short plays.

WHAT: An Evening of Play Readings featuring actors from the Actors Workout Studio and seven short plays - six from the writers of First Stage, and one from the Actors Workout Studio Writers’ Workshop.

WHEN: Friday, October 14th at 8:00 PM

WHERE: The Actors Workout Studio 4739 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601

HOW: Admission is free, but reservations are required to guarantee a seat. To reserve your spot, call 818-506-3903 and leave your name, phone number, and the number of seats you wish to reserve.

THE PLAYS: Air by Lilly Thomassian

Al ‘n’ Monie by Terry McFadden

Annabell and Mr. Moonbeam by Diana Kyle

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner by Thomas J. Misuraca

Chenille by Dan Roth

Jim and Kat Speak, or Date Night by Chris Hardie

House of Sticks by Felix Racelis

The Odder Couple by Jacob Edelman

The Other JFK by Stanley Dyrector

Actors Workout Studio Cast: K.C. White, Eileen Park, Sarah Goer, Sheryl Kramer, Susan Oren, Andrew Benne, Vane Millon, Rickie Peete, Andrew Kirkley, Martin McSweeney, Meredith Barnett, Katy Pollock, Sam Capaldi, David Dean, River Gareth, Ali Kendall, Danny Naten and Fran Montano.