FREE Intro Class on April 30th

Learn from award-winning Master Coach Fran Montano

 FREE Introductory Class for Beginners
Saturday, April 30th
10am - 1pm

Spring into Acting with the Actors Workout Experience!

Ready to dive into acting but not sure where to start?
This is a free introductory class where
Fran Montano explains the process of "what is acting".

You'll observe and participate and if it catches your interest, 
the May Beginners Course starts on May 7th, 2016. 

Acting Course for Beginners
Starts Saturday, May 7th
from 10am - 1pm

Discover the Actors Workout Experience!

Our commitment to the craft is proven by over 25 years of training working actors in the Los Angeles area. The Actors Workout Studio continues to bring new and exciting techniques that provide actors with the necessary tools to create successful careers.

This class is for beginning actors, those interested in exploring the process, and those feeling a little rusty.

Learn the craft from the basics. Unleash your creative side and get in touch with your artistic expression. Emotional exercises, preparation techniques, and character development. Free yourself up, reconnect with your passion, talent, and instincts, all while getting a solid foundation to the craft. Fran’s small, intimate classes allow for individualized and personal teaching.

Space is limited, 
so call 818-766-2171 now to reserve your spot.




“We are in the business of transforming actors’ lives, one at a time.  This involves each actor getting individualized coaching, where we work to  break through their specific  issues, by taking them “through” their blocks to the next level.  That is why we keep our classes small and focus on each actor’s individuality, talent, and uniqueness. Here, they discover what makes them different than the rest, hence their “Vein of Gold”.  We are proud that this is what makes the Actors Workout Studio different and more distinct than many schools around town.”