FREE Intro to Acting Class for Beginners
Friday, September 14 from 7-10pm

Interested in acting, but don't have the 'chops' to perform for an audience?

Have you always wanted to test the waters, but you're not sure where to start?

Or maybe you have some experience but you’re feeling a little out of practice.

If so, then this is for you!

During this FREE seminar, you will be introduced to the teachings of the Actors Workout Studio as taught by Fran Montano. This 3-hour class will provide you the opportunity experience a typical class here at AWS.

This class is for beginning actors,
those interested in exploring the process,
and those who might be feeling a little rusty.

Study the craft beginning from the basics. Learn to unleash your creative side and let your artistic expression flow. You will participate in emotional exercises, preparation techniques and character development.
Free yourself up, reconnect with your passion, talent, and instincts, all while getting a solid foundation in the craft of acting. AWS’s small, intimate classes allow for individualized and personal teaching; everyone works, every class.

Class will be taught by AWS's own Tanya Linette Smith. Tanya has been working in film, TV and on stage for the past 24 years and as a private coach since 2014. She is dedicated to helping actors flourish both on stage and in front of the camera.

Free Art of Acting Workshop
Sunday, September 23 from 1:30 - 4:30pm

This workshop is for people interested in learning about the art form and craft of acting. You will explore what acting is and how to be your best actor. All experience levels are welcome! You will explore how to prepare yourself from A to Z to become your best actor.

This workshop will be hosted by Coach Rickie Peete. He has been a member of the Actors Workout Studio's community for 8 years and apprenticed under Fran Montano, the AWS founder. Rickie is a very passionate acting enthusiast and has a very unique and skillful way of communicating the work.

AWS has been training actors for nearly 30 years. We have developed a reputation as the home and training facility for actors who are: committed to the craft of acting and committed to bringing their truths into their work.  

AWS knows that actors play roles and we never forget that play is a key part of acting. So, you can expect to take part in an enlightening and entertaining workshop. We look forward to meeting you!

Space is limited for both classes, so contact us now!

To reserve your spot, email Stacy at: