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You may remember how they raved about the Actors Workout Studio’s storytelling afternoon
Confessions last April and most recently  Ladies Who Lunch and Ladies Who Kiss & Tell 
this past January. 
 We’re doing it again and seeking stories.
This year’s theme is:
"Stories by Men for Men...and for
Women who Eavesdrop”
"Stories by Women for Women...and for
Men who Eavesdrop”

to be told on Sunday afternoons:
April 23rd, 2017 &
April 30th, 2017

If you are a storyteller or would like to have one of your stories performed by someone else – we are interested!

1) Please email your script with "Storytelling Submission" in the subject line to:

2) Feel free to submit more than one piece

3) Must be no longer than 8 minutes

4) Let us know if you’d like to perform your own piece or if you’d like someone else to perform it

5) If there are examples of your storytelling work on the web, include a link with your submission

We look forward to your submissions and to showcasing the best work on the stage at
Actors Workout Studio