AWS is excited to announce that we will be offering a brand-new Performance/Production Class.
The purpose of this class is to take you through the entire production process, which will culminate in a six-performance show.


1.    Students at AWS who are “ready” to have their work seen in front of an audience for multiple performances.
2.    Actors who want to “work out” and get up on stage.
3.    An opportunity to invite family and friends to see you perform.
4.    Learning and participating in the entire production process from start to finish, including rehearsals, tech, sets, producing, and promotion.
5.    Adding a working credit to your resume.

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1.      You need to have studied at AWS for at least 9 months and completed the Level One and Level Two work. (Exceptions made for those of you who have studied the equivalent elsewhere.)
2.      Recommendation from your current AWS teacher.
3.      You will be required to audition with a one to two minute monologue of your choice.
4.      Acceptance will be based on your audition, recommendation from your teacher, and mixing and matching material to the actors accepted.
5.      Be a member in good standing (meaning you are a current member of class and your tuition remains up-to-date throughout the course of the production).


1.      The Plays to be performed will be selected from our library of our Park Plays collection. All plays will take place-you guessed it-in a park.
2.      All plays will be performed on the same set.
3.      The casting process will be tailored to the people who audition. In other words, you won’t audition for a particular play, but rather, we will choose plays based on the actors accepted into the class.
4.      The production will include five to six 2-person plays for a total of 10-12 actors.
5.      You will do your character work in your home class with your regular teacher.
6.      There will be an opportunity to attend extra classes with the Director. (Three of these weekend classes will be mandatory.)
7.      The cost for the class will be an extra $150 (in addition to your regular tuition).

a.     You will be given 10 tickets to give away or sell as you choose.
b.    If you sell all ten tickets at face value ($15), the additional cost will pay for itself!

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1.      Audition Dates:

a.     Sign up to audition by June 1
b.    Auditions to be held the week of June 3 – 9

2.      You will work on material in your home class. (In some cases you might be moved to another class as we want partners in the same class.)
3.      You must attend at least three of the additional weekend classes:
Saturday, July 7 (2-5pm)
Saturday, July 14 (2-5pm)
Saturday, July 21 (2-5pm)
Sunday, July 22 (1-4pm)
Saturday, July 28 (2-5pm)
Sunday, July 29 (1-4pm)

4.      Tech/Dress Rehearsal:
Sunday, August 5 (1-6pm)

5.      Performances:
Friday, August 10
Saturday, August 11
Friday, August 17
Saturday, August 18
Friday, August 24
Saturday, August 25

If you’re interested in more information, email us at