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Come see 10 sensitive and powerful women, from their early 20s to 70 years of life experience share the results of their process in Irene Muzzy's AWS Rehearsal & Performance Class. We'll be presenting an evening of solo performance pieces.

We've been memorizing and internalizing and coordinating lines with pacing. We've been refining our ability to take direction. We've been finding props and pulling together sets, working the beats, hitting our marks, digging into the backgrounds of our characters and teasing out their quirks. We've witnessed and supported each others' REHEARSAL processes and now it's time to practice coordinating the influence of an audience into our work.

 Our next step is practicing PERFORMANCE and we need YOU to be the energy, the eyes and ears, the rustlings and breathing sounds, the gasps and laughter in the seats. In truth, you, the audience augment the  environment that we have been working in and you are key to our getting really good at performance.

These monologues are masterpieces. Prepare to giggle and smile, weep and scowl. We intend to sweep you along in our process and make our performances masterpieces too.

Now Playing through Oct 13

TABOO is an evening of six short plays by five playwrights from around the U.S. An overly 'PC' couple that deals with their daughter's questionable choice of Halloween costume, a Chris Hansen idolizer, two London-bound strangers that share a secret hatred and a charming sex offender are just a few of the characters you'll meet in this risqué, offensive and often hilarious evening of adult-themed pieces.

Runs Fridays and Saturdays @ 8:00pm through October 13

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