At the Actors Workout Studio
You don’t just come here to study; You come here to work.

  • Fran Montano is an Emmy award-winning acting coach and master teacher. He is uniquely gifted in troubleshooting the particular blocks that hold actors back from reaching their full potential.

  • Small, individualized LA Acting Classes; everyone works every class

  • Unlimited FREE Bonus Classes included with your tuition

  • Meisner Technique, Scene study, Cold reading, On-camera technique, Improvisation

  • Performance opportunities (we are a theatre as well as a school)
    For over 30 years, the Actors Workout Studio has been dedicated to preparing actors for professional work in the film and television industry in a safe and challenging work environment for all levels (beginner through advanced) through our acting classes in LA.

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To schedule an interview and your free acting class audit, please call the studio at (818) 766-2171 or Complete the Audit Form here