• Free Intro Class on The Basics of Acting, Sat 8/29

    On Saturday, August 29th from 10am - 1pm, attend our Free Introductory Class on the basics of acting. In this class you will learn, What is acting? How does one approach the work? What do you need to do? What makes you different than anyone else? Do you have any talent?

    All attendees will participate in the exercises that begin this journey. This informative class is free and taught by Fran Montano - Emmy Award winner who has been teaching acting for 30 years. Come check it out, bring a friend.

    The Free introductory class will be on Saturday, August 29th from 10am - 1pm. Come observe, participate, and if you're interested, sign up for the Beginners Acting Course that starts in September.

    Call or email for more info and to reserve your spot.

    Limited seating. 818-766-2171.


    Check out the additions to our program at AWS!

    It is much more than just taking an acting class. It is a community of professionals where we provide opportunities for training, personal coaching, performing, and networking.

    In addition to your small, intimate, acting class with personalized coaching for your specific needs, included are a number of additional workshops. You now have the opportunity to attend up to FOUR WORKSHOPS EACH WEEK. All at one monthly tuition of $275.00 per month.


    Your weekly small intimate acting class – personalized coaching and class with assignments that require preparation and hard work. Working on your specific needs through the AWS technique, which includes the teachings of Meisner, Strasberg, Hagen, and Adler.


    A weekly repetition class where you get to work with the other coaches and other members of AWS in an intense repetition class.


    A weekly workout for scenes and audition material. Exercises to get the script off the page and into your body. A requirement for great auditioning.


    Writers and actors get together to develop, create, and workshop material, in anticipation of produced productions on our stage.

    Call for a free audit. 818-766-2171

  • NEW Acting Class for Kids (8-16yrs)

    FREE Intro to Acting Workshop for Young Actors (8-12 & 13-16)

    Saturday, August 29th from 2-5pm

    Our small, individualized classes at the Actors Workout Studio usually cater to adults 18 and older, but we are now offering a New Session for

    Empowered Young Actors (EYA)

    EYA focuses on authentically empowering our students (8 y.o. - 16 y.o.) to bring the full force of their brilliance and creativity to the stage/screen. Actors will be taught craft and technique. They will work on monologues, scenes, improvisation and theatre games. The class will be led by Rickie Peete, a seasoned actor, writer/director and teacher at AWS.

    This brand-new program starts SOON, so come to our FREE 3 hour introductory workshop and determine if this is the class for your young actor. ABSOLUTELY NO COMMITMENT.

    Space is limited. Call 818-766-2171 to reserve your spot!


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    NoHo Arts District writer Chavonny Tillotson interviewed Fran Montano in the featured article A Workout for the Working Actor.

    Producer/Director/Photographer Roman Wyden interviews Fran Montano on Meisner, Acting and Talent. Click here to see interview.

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The ACTORS WORKOUT STUDIO is a Los Angeles acting school that offers a safe and challenging work environment for the beginning or professional actor. The Studio is dedicated to training and preparing actors for professional work in the film and television industry. Classes are small and very individualized. Everyone works—every class.
Classes at the Studio include Scene Study, Cold Reading/Audition Technique, Improvisation, On-Camera Technique, Meisner Technique, and many other techniques designed to address the specific needs of the individual actor. Class members are also able to audition for a variety of readings and productions at the Studio.
Fran Montano is an Emmy award-winning acting coach and master teacher. Fran is uniquely gifted in troubleshooting the particular blocks that are holding an actor back from reaching their full potential, and in helping them break through those blocks.

  • "I shy away from conventional acting classes. But once in a while you meet someone who inspires you. Fran does!"
    Rene Russo
  • "Fran's insight to acting is astounding. He's great at guiding actors into exploring their deepest and richest choices..."
    David Arata, Oscar-Nominated Writer, Children of Men
  • "Fran Montano inspires. He knows exactly what buttons to push to take his actors to their next level. I'm a better and more confident actor today because of what I've learned from him."
    Sammy Williams, Tony Award Winner for Best Actor, A Chorus Line
  • "Fran is awesome! I learned how to live fully in the imaginary circumstances of the script and treat the story as an improvisation. I booked more than ever the past two years applying many of the principals learned through Fran. "
    Michael Masini, Modern Family (recurring), Reckless, Americons, Eagleheart
  • "Fran's method of teaching dramatic improvisation through the Meisner technique is so good that I credit him with teaching me how to write, as well as making me a stronger actor. "
    Kevin Foster, Iron Man, Jarhead, Jurassic World, Drag Me To Hell
  • "Fran finds what's in an actor's way and breaks through it. A must for any serious actor."
    Lynda Goodfriend, Personal Manager