Operating out of the same space for over 30 years, the Actors Workout Studio offers a safe and challenging work environment for the beginning or professional actor. The studio is dedicated to training and preparing actors for professional work in the film and television industry. Classes are small and individualized. Everyone works—every class.

Owner and Artistic Director Fran Montano runs one of the longest running small theaters and acting schools in Los Angeles, which has received more than 20 production and theater awards. He founded the Actors Workout Studio to be an intimate and inspirational creative community, where both aspiring and working actors can explore and discover new tools and resources to expand and accelerate their artistic journeys. Fran’s students range from brand new beginning actors, to accomplished working actors of all ages in film, television, theater and new media. He coaches not only actors, but also writers, directors, and other creative professionals who want to learn acting techniques that will improve and advance their own craft.

Actors Workout Studio
is a member of the
NoHo Arts District
in North Hollywood

What Is NoHo?

The NoHo Arts District in North Hollywood is "Where the Arts are Made." This one square mile community, located just a mile north of Universal Studios is filled with an eclectic array of entertainment options for the artist, arts lover and the art curious.